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 Full text articles
Diagnosis and treatment of early-stage glioblastoma
Makoto Hishii, Toshiharu Matsumoto, Hajime Arai
Solitary primary central nervous system plasmablastic lymphoma in a young immunocompetent female: Report on an extremely rare entity with review of literature
Iqbal Mohd, Sanjog Shankar Gajbhiye, Ritu Verma, Jayesh Sardhara
Primary intracranial squamous cell carcinoma arising in dermoid cyst
Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh, Salman Sharif, Muhammad Rafay
White epidermoid of the sylvian fissure masquerading as a dermoid cyst: An extremely rare occurrence
Jaskaran Gosal, Jeena Joseph, Deepak Khatri, Kuntal Kanti Das, Awadhesh Jaiswal, Aviral Gupta
Surgical treatment of brainstem cavernous malformation with concomitant developmental venous anomaly
Vania Bozhidarova Georgieva, Emil Dimitrov Krastev
Navigation for tubular decompression of the L5 nerve root ganglion after cement leakage via a wiltse approach
Sebastian Hartmann, Pujan Kavakebi, Anja Tschugg, Sara Lener, Anna Stocsits, Claudius Thomé
Cerebral phaeohyphomycosis with onychomycosis: Case report and review of literature
Ravishankar S Goel, Sachin Gupta, Vikram Dua, Ranjan Kumar
Giant calvarial cavernous hemangioma: A rare case report and review of literature
Govindappagari Venkateswara Prasanna, Uday Kiran Katari, Sathish Kumar Vanapu, Malepeddi Sireesh Reddy, Hima Bindu Adusumilli
De novo aneurysm formation on internal carotid artery at origin of thick posterior communicating artery: 7 years after transient occlusion of contralateral internal carotid artery
Masato Takeda, Kazutaka Shirokane, Eiichi Baba, Atsushi Tsuchiya, Motohiro Nomura
En plaque meningioma presenting as a cutaneous nodule
Sotirios Apostolakis, Aikaterini Karagianni, Ioannis Mylonakis, Konstantinos Vlachos, Lavrentios Roussos
Good outcome in a patient with massive pontine hemorrhage
Somkrit Sripontan
Mycotic aneurysm of intracavernous internal carotid artery presenting as cavernous sinus syndrome
Kumudini Sharma, Vikas Kanaujia, Rachna Agarwal, Vivek Singh, Priyadarshini Mishra
Anterior release and anterior reconstruction for a neglected osteoporotic odontoid fracture
Sandeep Sonone, Aditya Anand Dahapute, Sai Gautham Balasubramanian, Rohan Gala, Nandan Marathe, Deepika Albert Pinto
Dural arteriovenous fistula arising after intracranial surgery in posterior fossa of nondominant sinus: Two cases and literature review
Shohei Yokoyama, Ichiro Nakagawa, Masashi Kotsugi, Daisuke Wajima, Takeshi Wada, Kimihiko Kichikawa, Hiroyuki Nakase
Horner's syndrome due to cervical sympathetic chain schwannoma: A rare presentation and review of literature
Harshad Patil, Shrikant Rege
Phenytoin toxicity manifesting as acute psychosis: An uncommon side effect of a common drug
Mohit Agrawal, Sachin Anil Borkar, Shashank Sharad Kale
Intraparenchymal pericatheter cyst after cerebrospinal fluid shunt: A rare complication with challenging diagnosis – Case presentation and review of the literature
Ploutarchos Karydakis, Ioannis Nikas, Dimitrios Panagopoulos, Maria Filippidou, George Sfakianos, Marios Themistocleous
A rare case of drug-induced liver injury caused by levetiracetam
Tomohiro Kawaguchi, Teiji Tominaga
Adult achondroplasia patient with extensive long segment severe C1 to C6 segment spinal canal stenosis: Unique presentation
Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Kanwaljit Grag
Acute hydrocephalus caused by cerebellar abscess in HIV-negative castleman's disease
Angelo Rusconi, Alessandro Dario, Gianluca Agresta, Sergio Balbi
A case study on aneurysmal bone cyst of T2 vertebral body in a 7-year-old girl: Anterior and posterior surgical approach for tumor resection and spinal reconstruction
Mansour Parvaresh, Morteza Taheri, Alireza Azimi, Sadra Rohani
Exploring a tumor spectrum in a patient with familial angiolipomatosis
Shradha Maheshwari, Eham Lalit Arora
Giant lumbar dumbbell extradural schwannoma in a child
Amit Agrawal, Venati Umamaheswara Reddy, Vissa Santhi, Yashawant Sandeep
Hydrocephalus after deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease
Edvin Zekaj, Christian Saleh, Domenico Servello
Bone morphogenetic protein in the repair of cerebrospinal fluid leak after transsphenoidal surgery
Dejan Slavnic, Richard Floyd Cook, Matthew Bahoura, Gijong Paik, Doris Wl Tong, Clifford M Houseman, Ryan J Barrett, Teck-Mun Soo
Single stage 360° correction of fixed cervical deformity with anterior and posterior ankyloses
Manish Kumar Kasliwal
Primary intracranial dural-based ewing sarcoma/peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor with extracranial extension: An uncommon Case
Sumit Bansal, Rabi Narayan Sahu, Pritinanda Mishra, Saubhagya Kumar Jena
Carmustine wafer implantation at the era of standardized chemoradiation protocol
Alexandre Roux, Marc Zanello, Gilles Zah-Bi, Johan Pallud
T. S. Kanaka: First asian woman neurosurgeon, who pioneered stereotactic, functional and cerebral electrode implant surgery and developed separate neurosurgical speciality in India early 1970
Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Aman Jagdevan
A dry pineapple slice like lesion in the anterior skull base
Harald De Cauwer, Anniek Eerdekens, Filip Stessels, Dieter Vanneste, Gert De Mulder
An audit of patients with intracranial hemorrhage admitted to the surgical intensive care unit of a tertiary hospital in Singapore
Daniel Yong En Lee, Shahla Siddiqui, Lynn Yeo, Jiexun Wang
Near complete resolution of bilateral thalamic venous infarct in the absence of superficial venous sinus thrombosis
Sachin Sampat Baldawa, Sunil Hogade
Ipsilateral two spontaneous chronic calcified epidural hematoma
Sheikhoo Bishnoi, Ishu Bishnoi, Nisha Gahlawat, Vikram Saini
Predictive factors for seizures accompanying intracranial meningiomas
Moamen Mohamed Morsy, Waleed Fawzy El-Saadany, Wael Mohamed Moussa, Ahmed Elsayed Sultan
Compound elevated skull fracture presented as a new variety of fracture with inimitable entity: Single institution experience of 10 cases
Ashok Kumar, Vivek Kumar Kankane, Gaurav Jaiswal, Pavan Kumar, Tarun Kumar Gupta
Outcome analysis of surgical clipping for incidental internal carotid posterior communicating and anterior choroidal artery aneurysms
Ameen Abdul Mohammad, Yamada Yasuhiro, Liew Boon Seng, Niranjana Rajagopal, Kato Yoko
Small aneurysms should be clipped?
Gustavo Noleto, Nícollas Nunes Rabelo, Leonardo Abaurre, Hugo Sterman Neto, Mario Siqueira, Manoel J Teixeira, Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo
Surgical management of unruptured cerebral aneurysms in the elderly: An institution experience
Abderrahmane Cheikh, Sudhakar Kasinathan, Yamada Yasuhiro, Tsukasa Kawase, Yoko Kato
The utility of cervical spine bracing as a postoperative adjunct to single-level anterior cervical spine surgery
Ian Caplan, Saurabh Sinha, James Schuster, Matthew Piazza, Gregory Glauser, Benjamin Osiemo, Scott McClintock, William C Welch, Nikhil Sharma, Ali Ozturk, Neil Rainer Malhotra
The role of temporal lobectomy as a part of surgical resuscitation in patients with severe traumatic brain injury
Ak Hakan, Iskender Samet Daltaban, Sevilay Vural
Solving the riddle of “idiopathic” in idiopathic intracranial hypertension and normal pressure hydrocephalus: An imaging study of the possible mechanisms – Monro–Kellie 3.0
Sandhya Mangalore, Srinivasa Rakshith, Rangashetty Srinivasa
Trends in primary brain tumors: A 5-year retrospective histologically confirmed study in Tabriz, Iran, 2011–2016
Firooz Salehpour, Farhad Mirzaei, Ali Meshkini, Sina Parsay, Sana Salehi, Mohammad Mahdi Bagheri Asl
Outcome analysis of posterolateral decompression and spinal stabilization for tuberculous spine
Siddartha Reddy Musali, Prakash Rao Gollapudi, Srikrishnaaditya Manne, Nagarjuna Butkuri, Thatikonda Satish Kumar, Vamshi Krishna Kotha
Hydrocephalus after gamma knife radiosurgery for schwannoma
Yu Shimizu, Tadao Miyamori, Jun Yamano
Neural tube defects: A retrospective study of 69 cases
Ali Haydar Turhan, Semra Isik
Recurrence rate of chronic subdural hematoma after evacuating it by two large burr holes, irrigation, and subgaleal low-pressure suction drainage
Mohamed Abdel Rahman Abdelfatah
Management and outcome analysis of conus and filum ependymoma: A tertiary center study
Manoharan Dwark Sudhan, Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Leve Joseph, Mehar Chand Sharma, Aanchal Kakkar, Bhawani Shankar Sharma
Subaxial cervical spine injuries: Outcomes after anterior corpectomy and instrumentation
Ankit Madan, Manoj Thakur, Sachin Sud, Vaibhav Jain, Rudra Pratap Singh Thakur, Virender Negi
The role of combined posterior and anterolateral retroperitoneal approach in the treatment of posttraumatic burst lumbar fractures
Ebrahim Ahmed Shamhoot, Ahmed Rizk Elkholy
Continuous lumbar drainage for the prevention and management of perioperative cerebrospinal fluid leakage
Mohamed Hussein, Mostafa Abdellatif
Prevalence and antibiotic resistance profile of cerebrospinal fluid pathogens from neurosurgical patients from level 1 trauma center in India
Aishwarya Govindaswamy, Vijeta Bajpai, Parul Singh, Ayush Lohiya, Muruganantham Ayyanar, Deepak Kumar Gupta, Ashish Bindra, Gyaninder Pal Singh, Purva Mathur
Treatment outcomes of cerebral aneurysms presenting with optic neuropathy: A retrospective case series
Koji Hirata, Yoshiro Ito, Wataro Tsuruta, Tomoji Takigawa, Aiki Marushima, Masayuki Sato, Mikito Hayakawa, Yasunobu Nakai, Noriyuki Kato, Kazuya Uemura, Kensuke Suzuki, Yuji Matsumaru, Akio Hyodo, Eiichi Ishikawa, Akira Matsumura
Effect of preoperative modic change in the outcome of patients with low back pain following posterior spinal fusion or laminectomy
Mohammad Reza Shahmohammadi, Sima Behrouzian
Efficacy of computed tomography perfusion – alberta stroke program early computed tomography score for identifying patients with anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke that would benefit from endovascular treatment
Dittapong Songsaeng, Thewaporn Khamduang, Thipthara Tarathipayakul, Chulaluck Boonma, Timo Krings
Efficacy of thrombus density on noninvasive computed tomography neuroimaging for predicting thrombus pathology and patient outcome after mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke
Dittapong Songsaeng, Tharathorn Kaeowirun, Ittichai Sakarunchai, Pornsuk Cheunsuchon, Jaruwan Weankhanan, Anek Suwanbundit, Timo Krings
Initial experience of ORBEYE™ surgical microscope for carotid endarterectomy
Tsuyoshi Izumo, Kenta Ujifuku, Shiro Baba, Yoichi Morofuji, Nobutaka Horie, Takayuki Matsuo
Analysis of the surgical technique and outcome of the thoracic and lumbar intradural spinal tumor excision using minimally invasive tubular retractor system
Binoy Damodar Thavara, Geo Senil Kidangan, Bijukrishnan Rajagopalawarrier
The description of urodynamic study for bladder dysfunction in compressive myelo- or radiculo-pathy: A prospective study in an institutional setup
Nayil Khursheed, Bilal Pahalwan, Humam Nisar, Altaf Ramzan, Saleem Wani, Abrar Wani, Sarbjit Singh, Rouf khawaja, Arif Hamid, Hussain Arif, Baldev Singh
Intraoperative micro-measurement in neurosurgical microsurgery: A technical note
Masaki Matsumoto, Tohru Mizutani, Tatsuya Sugiyama
Morphometric evaluation of craniocervical junction by magnetic resonance imaging method
Mukadder Sunar, Samet Kapakin
Management strategies of cranial encephaloceles: A neurosurgical challenge
Vernon Velho, Harish Naik, Pravin Survashe, Sachin Guthe, Anuj Bhide, Laxmikant Bhople, Amrita Guha
To determine the surgical outcome of anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion without fixation for ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament
Syed Muneeb Younus, Muhammad Imran, Ateeq Ahmed Khan, Saqib Basar, Daniya Sheikh
Functional outcomes of 300 carpal tunnel release: 1.5 cm longitudinal mini-incision
Keykhosro Mardanpour, Mahtab Rahbar, Sourena Mardanpour
Simulation training methods in neurological surgery
Louise Makarem Oliveira, Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo
Home-based rehabilitation programs: Promising field to maximize function of patients with traumatic spinal cord injury
Mojtaba Rezaei, Amirsina Sharifi, Alexander Richard Vaccaro, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar
Current concepts in intradiscal percutaneous minimally invasive procedures for chronic low back pain
Ioannis Gelalis, Ioannis Gkiatas, Antonios Spiliotis, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Emilios Pakos, Marios Vekris, Anastasios Korompilias