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Spontaneous cervical epidural hematoma with stroke manifestations
Mohammadreza Emamhadi, Shervin Ghadarjani, Babak Alijani, Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok, Hamid Behzadnia, Amin Naseri, Sasan Andalib
A rare case of dumbbell-shaped primary intraspinal peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor involving thoracic spinal epidural space
Anu Cheppanalil Thomas, Rajeev Rajashekharan
Persisting embryonal infundibular recess masquerading as a nasal mass
Shejoy Joshua, Shyamsundar Sreedhar, Vineeth Viswam, Dilip Panikar
Bilateral orbital cavernous hemangioma
Aslam Hentati, Nidhal Matar, Hadhemi Dridi, Soufien Bouali, Hafedh Jemel
Intramedullary glioblastoma multiforme of spine with intracranial supratentorial metastasis: Progressive disease with a multifocal picture
Abhishek Purkayastha, Neelam Sharma, Madakasira Sitaram Sridhar, Dwivedi Abhishek
Extradural hematoma following decompressive craniectomy for acute subdural hematoma: Two case reports illustrating different mechanisms
Mahesh Krishna Pillai, Rajeev Kariyattil, Venkatesh Govindaraju, Koshy Kochummen, Rajinder Kumar
A case study on aneurysmal bone cyst of T2 vertebral body in a 7-year-old girl: Anterior and posterior surgical approach for tumor resection and spinal reconstruction
Mansour Parvaresh, Morteza Taheri, Alireza Azimi, Sadra Rohani
Left deep frontal cavernous angioma mimicking a glioma in an adult patient
Andrea Boschi, Arturo Consoli, Annamaria Buccoliero, Giovanni Barbagli, Salvatore Mangiafico, Franco Ammannati
Embolization with NBCA for ruptured aneurysm located in the moyamoya-like collateral network associated with isolated middle cerebral artery occlusion
Cheol Young Lee
Congenital hydrocephalus, corpus callosum agenesis, and prosencephalic cyst with supernumerary nostril: A neurocristopathy
Rahul Gupta, Dinesh Kumar Barolia, Manisha Goyal
Coil embolisation of post traumatic giant supraclinoid pseudoaneurysm presenting as carotid cavernous fistula
Dange Nitin Narayan, Singh Vikas Jayprakash, Dhar Arjun, Gupta Achal
Posterior fossa arteriovenous malformation with multiple pedicle aneurysms and recruitment of meningeal supply
Senshu Nonaka, Hidenori Oishi, Satoshi Tsutsumi, Hisato Ishii
Is transposition of deep brain stimulation device a solution in patients with recurrent skin erosions?
Domenico Servello, Christian Saleh, Edvin Zekaj
Cerebrospinal fluid leakage at the lumbar spine: A unique cause of delayed neurologic deterioration in a traumatic acute subdural hematoma patient
Keita Mayanagi, Masashi Nakatsukasa, Joji Inamasu
An unusual cause of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome
Biplab Das, Gaurav Goel, Anshu Mahajan, Atma Ram Bansal, Harsh Sapra, Ajaya Nanda Jha
Phosphaturic mesenchymal tumors involving skull bones: Report of two rare cases
Toshi Mishra, Maria Alina Desouza, Keyuri Patel, Girish A Mazumdar
Spinal–epidural abscess presenting as an acute abdomen in a child: A case report and review of the literature
Fakhr Fakhouri, Ahmad Ghazal, Hasnaa Alnaeb, Rasha Hezan, Joudi Araj
Extensive paraspinal tuberculosis masquerading malignant tumor in an elderly male
Veldurti Ananta Kiran Kumar, Vissa Shanthi, Yashwanth Sandeep, Veda Dhruthy Samudrala, Amit Agrawal
Diprosopus a rare craniofacial malformation
Mrinal Bhuyan, Inamul Haque
Acute paraplegia revealing a hemorrhagic cauda equina paraganglioma
Khalil Ghedira, Nidhal Matar, Sofiene Bouali, Alia Zehani, Hafedh Jemel
Chronic unilateral temporo-occipital headache attributed to unilateral C3 radiculopathy
Hak-cheol Ko, Byung-chul Son
Skull vault plasmacytoma mimicking parasagittal meningioma: “Mini-Brain appearance”
Satyashiva Munjal, Amit Srivastava, Sunila Jain, Veer Singh Mehta
Adverse event with the use of carmustine wafers and postoperative radiochemotherapy for the treatment of high-grade glioma
Federico Salle, Wissem Lahiani, Edgardo Spagnuolo, Stéphane Palfi
Airway management in case of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis
Kundan Gosavi, Paulomi Dey, Sachin Swami
Intracranial hemorrhage caused by bacterial meningitis: Case report and review of the literature
Atsushi Matsumoto, Shogo Mino, Tadashi Nishiyama
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy diagnosed by brain biopsy, not by the DNA test for JC Virus
Seung-yoon Lee, Hak-cheol Ko, Sang-il Kim, Youn Soo Lee, Byung-chul Son
Pilocytic astrocytoma with gangliocytic differentiation to pilomyxoid astrocytoma-expanding the morphological spectrum: Case report and literature review
Kirti Gupta, Manoj Kumar Tewari, Pravin Salunke
Papillary ependymoma of the spinal cord: A case report with summary of prior published cases
Priyanka Maity Chaudhuri, Debashis Chakrabarty, Shubhamitra Chaudhuri, Uttara Chatterjee
Spontaneous carotid cavernous fistula in young female with anti-thrombin III deficiency
Ram Narayan, Mansoor Cherumkuzhiyil Abdulla
Armored brain associated with secondary craniostenosis development at 7-year following ventriculoperitoneal shunt surgery during infancy: Extremely unusual association and review
Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Sanjeev Lalwani
The “Negative” impact of a subgaleal drain: Post-cranioplasty negative pressure subgaleal drain-induced ascending transtentorial herniation
Peter Y. M. Woo, Wilson H. Y. Lo, Hoi-Tung Wong, Kwong-Yau Chan
Exploring a tumor spectrum in a patient with familial angiolipomatosis
Shradha Maheshwari, Eham Lalit Arora
Sellar embryonal tumor: A case report and review of the literature
Fatih Yakar, Ihsan Doğan, Cem Meco, Aylin Okcu Heper, Gokmen Kahilogullari
Unusual radiological presentation of intracranial dermoid cyst: A case series
Sunitha Palasamudram Kumaran, Rakshith Srinivasa, Nandita Ghosal
Endoscopic endonasal resection of the odontoid process in a patient with chronic injury of the C1 transverse ligament
Andrey Grin, Ivan Lvov, Ivan Godkov, Aleksey Sytnik, Anton Kordonskiy, Vladimir Smirnov
Adult thoracic intradural exophytic mature teratoma: Case report and literature review
Aaron P Danison, Dinesh Ramanathan, Mahan Matin, Kee Kim, Ripul R Panchal
Angiocentric glioma: Report of a rare case presenting with psychosis
Jayashri Popat Chaudhari, Kanchan Snehal Kothari, Tejal Pratin Pandya, Naina Atul Goel
Burden of dengue-related neurosurgical emergencies during an epidemic: A tertiary care experience
Raja Krishnan Kutty, Sunilkumar Balakrishnan Sreemathyamma, Jyothish Laila Sivanandapanicker, Vijay Mundhe, Kapil Chhabra, Anilkumar Peethambaran
Facial nerve paralysis occurring 4 days following stereotactic radiosurgery for a vestibular schwannoma
Kevin Kwong-Hon Chow, Abdulrazag Ajlan, Allen Lin Ho, Gordon Li, Scott Gerard Soltys
Peroneal nerve palsy due to subparaneurial ganglion cyst, a rare variant of intraneural ganglion cyst
Dongbin Kim, Jin-Gyu Choi, Byung-Chul Son
Ipsa scientia potestas est: Regional epidemiological studies lead to regional strategies for stroke prevention
Pouria Moshayedi
Unfolding the truth; the way towards painfree spine surgery
Salman Sharif, Afifa Afsar
Near complete resolution of bilateral thalamic venous infarct in the absence of superficial venous sinus thrombosis
Sachin Sampat Baldawa, Sunil Hogade
A piece of wire into the brain
Andreas Zigouris, Nikolaos Konsolakis, George Alexiou, Spyridon Voulgaris
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in the management of obstructive hydrocephalus
Farideh Nejat
Ipsilateral two spontaneous chronic calcified epidural hematoma
Sheikhoo Bishnoi, Ishu Bishnoi, Nisha Gahlawat, Vikram Saini
Obituary Shih Chun-Jen: Dedicated life for advancement of neurosurgical specialty
Guru Dutta Satyarthee
Dr. Hsiang-Lai Wen: Father of Hong Kong neurosurgery
Guru Dutta Satyarthee
Froin's syndrome mimicking Guillain–Barre syndrome in a patient with spinal epidural abscess
Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar, Andrei F Joaquim, Gabriel Alcala-Cerra, Amit Agrawal, Willem Guillermo Calderon-Miranda
Type I spinal arteriovenous fistula with ventral intradural venous drainage: A proposal of a modified classification
Nimer Adeeb, Justin M Moore, Abdulrahman Y Alturki, Ketan R Bulsara, Christoph J Griessenauer, Apar S Patel, Raghav Gupta, R Shane Tubbs, Christopher S Ogilvy, Ajith J Thomas
Comparison of phenytoin versus levetiracetam in early seizure prophylaxis after traumatic brain injury, at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
Syed Muneeb Younus, Saqib Basar, Sheraz Ahmed Gauri, Ateeq Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Imran, Saadia Abubakar, Daniya Sheikh, Naila Shehbaz, Junaid Ashraf
Evaluation of the correlation of magnetic resonance imaging and electrodiagnostic findings in chronic low backache patients
Roop Singh, Sushil Kumar Yadav, Sushma Sood, Rohtas Kumar Yadav, Ravi Rohilla
Unravelling hitherto unreported masses camouflaged as pituitary macro adenomas
Vernon Velho, Amrita Guha, Harish Naik, Laxmikant Bhople, Nimesh Jain
Assessment of primary brain lymphoma using multimodal magnetic resonance imaging and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Abdelkhalek Housni, Saïd Boujraf, Badreddine Alami, Mohammed Benzagmout, Mustapha Maaroufi
Management strategies of cranial encephaloceles: A neurosurgical challenge
Vernon Velho, Harish Naik, Pravin Survashe, Sachin Guthe, Anuj Bhide, Laxmikant Bhople, Amrita Guha
Clinical and radiological outcomes of day-care posterior foraminotomy and decompression of the cervical spine
Manoj Dayalal Singrakhia, Nikhil Ramdas Malewar, Sonal Deshmukh, Shivaji Deshmukh
Spinal cord-derived neural precursor cells as a preventive therapy for spinal cord injury
Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Ali Sharafkhah, Seyyed Mohyeddin Ziaee
Long term outcome in survivors of decompressive craniectomy following severe traumatic brain injury
Ashutosh Kushal, Ashish Bindra, Abhyuday Kumar, Keshav Goyal, Niraj Kumar, Girija Prasad Rath, Deepak Gupta
Does age affects the surgical outcome in patients with unruptured cerebral aneurysms? A 2-year retrospective study from a single center in Japan
Shyam Duvuru, Treepob Sae-Ngow, Yoko Kato, Tsukasa Kawase, Yasuhiro Yamada, Riki Tanaka
Comparative study of derangement of coagulation profile between adult and pediatric population in moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: A prospective study in a tertiary care trauma center
Ashish Kumar Dwivedi, Achal Sharma, Virendra Deo Sinha
Outcome of decompressive craniectomy in traumatic closed head injury
Altaf Ali Laghari, Muhammad Ehsan Bari, Muhammad Waqas, Syed Ijlal Ahmed, Karim Rizwan Nathani, Wardah Moazzam
Epidemiology of spinal injury in North East India: A retrospective study
Gyani Jail Singh Birua, Vishnu Singh Munda, Nagendra Nath Murmu
Posterior transpedicular screw fixation of subaxial vertebrae: Accuracy rates and safety of mini-laminotomy technique
Erhan Celikoglu, Ali Borekci, Ali Fatih Ramazanoglu, Dilber Aycicek Cecen, Abdullah Karakoc, Pinar Kuru Bektasoglu
Ruptured posterior circulation aneurysms with bilateral internal carotid artery occlusion: Surgical nuance
Nitin Narayan Dange, Amit Mahore, Ashwini Kumar Patil, Juhi Kawale
Outcome of posttraumatic delayed intracerebral tension pneumatocele: Prospective study of four cases: Single institutional experience
Vivek Kumar Kankane, Tarun Kumar Gupta
Moulded osteomyofascial pedicled split (MOPS) craniotomy flap in reconstruction of anterior cranial fossa defects: Pilot study of a novel technique
Vinu Venu Gopal, Lekshmi S Bhooshan, Alfred Michael, Philip Issac, Shaju Mathew, Tinu Ravi Abraham, PK Balakrishnan
Frequency of ischemic stroke subtypes based on toast classification at a tertiary care center in Pakistan
Faleha Zafar, Waseem Tariq, Raja Farhat Shoaib, Ahmed Shah, Maimoona Siddique, Abdullah Zaki, Salman Assad
Gamma knife management of skull base chordomas: Is it a choice?
Wael K Zakaria, Raef F Hafez, Ahmed N Taha
To determine the surgical outcome of anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion without fixation for ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament
Syed Muneeb Younus, Muhammad Imran, Ateeq Ahmed Khan, Saqib Basar, Daniya Sheikh
Intradural disc a diagnostic dilemma: Case series and review of literature
Ayush Sharma, Vijay Singh, Gururaj Sangondimath, Prashant Kamble
Using of the chicken wing's bone in the microneusurgical training model for microdrilling
Cengiz Cokluk
Clinical characteristics of cerebellar infarction due to arterial dissection
Joji Inamasu, Shunsuke Nakae, Yoko Kato, Yuichi Hirose
Early surgical outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in the management of obstructive hydrocephalus: A randomized control trial
Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman, Mohammad Abdus Salam, Kalim Uddin, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Mohammad Ashraful Haque, Ahmed Riyad Hussain, Mohammad Abdullah Yusuf
Modified inside-outside occipito-cervical plate system: Preliminary results
Sukru Caglar, Erhan Turkoglu, Hayri Kertmen, Bora Gurer, Huseyin Bozkurt, Rafet Ozay, Sahin Hanalioglu, Efkan Colpan
Preemptive effect of intraurethral instillation of Ketamine–lidocaine gel on postoperative catheter-related bladder discomfort after lumbar spine surgery
Farhad Etezadi, Yasamin Sajedi, Mohammad Reza Khajavi, Reza Shariat Moharari, Abbas Amirjamshidi
Variation of ventricular size after surgical treatment of chronic subdural hematoma
Abad Cherif El Asri, Mohammed Benzagmout, Khalid Chakour, Mohamed Faiz Chaoui, Jawad Laaguili, Miloudi Gazzaz, Hassan Baallal, Brahim El Mostarchid
Therapeutic evaluation of tumor necrosis factor-alpha antagonist etanercept against traumatic brain injury in rats: Ultrastructural, pathological, and biochemical analyses
Askin Esen Hasturk, Emre Cemal Gokce, Erdal Resit Yilmaz, Bahriye Horasanli, Oya Evirgen, Nazli Hayirli, Hilal Gokturk, Imge Erguder, Belgin Can
Morphometric evaluation of craniocervical junction by magnetic resonance imaging method
Mukadder Sunar, Samet Kapakin
Microvascular decompression in patients aged 30 years or younger
Prasanna Karki, Masayuki Yamagami, Koji Takasaki, Manoj Bohara, Hiroshi Hosoyama, Tomoko Hanada, Fumiyuki Yamasaki, Ryosuke Hanaya, Kazunori Arita
Enterococcal meningitis/ventriculitis: A tertiary care experienced
Iffat Khanum, Sana Anwar, Aisha Farooque
Pediatric intracranial tumors over a 5-year period in a tertiary care center of North Kerala, India: A retrospective analysis
Aparna Govindan, Rajeev Mandaka Parambil, Jacob Paul Alapatt
Speech and language dysfunctions in patients with cerebrocortical disorders admitted in a neurosurgical unit
Ushasree Bobba, Ashok Munivenkatappa, Amit Agrawal
Controlled trial to compare therapeutic efficacy of endoscopic third ventriculostomy plus choroid plexus cauterization with ventriculoperitoneal shunt in infants with obstructive hydrocephalus
Amir Amini Navaei, Sara Hanaei, Zohreh Habibi, Morteza Faghih Jouibari, Vahid Heidari, Soheil Naderi, Farideh Nejat
P53 and Ki-67 expression in primary pediatric brain tumors: Does it correlate with presentation, histological grade, and outcome?
Vikas Sharma, Yawar Shoaib, Laxmi Narayan Gupta, Amit Dagar
Role of diffusion-weighted imaging in detecting early ischemic brain injury following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
Varun Aggarwal, Achal Sharma, VD Sinha
Magnetic resonance imaging-guided stereotactic biopsy: A review of 83 cases with outcomes
Ali Akay, Mete Rüksen, Sertaç Islekel
Study of fatigue and associated factors in traumatic brain injury and its correlation with insomnia and depression
Sachin Tomar, Achal Sharma, Akhilesh Jain, Virendra Deo Sinha, Ishwar Dayal Gupta
Endoluminal shuntscope-guided ventricular catheter placement: Early experience
Vivek Agrawal, Rajendra B Aher
Cochlear implant device failure in the postoperative period: An institutional analysis
Simple Ravikumar Bhadania, Rajesh Vishwakarma, Amit Keshri
Effect of sub-axial cervical lateral mass screw fixation on functional outcome in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy
Ali Rabee Kamel Hamdan, Radwan Nouby Mahmoud, Momen Mohammed Al Mamoun, Eslam El Sayed El Khateeb
The relation between cord signal and clinical outcome after anterior cervical discectomy in patients with degenerative cervical disc herniation
Ali Rabee Kamel Hamdan
Convection-enhanced Drug Delivery for Glioblastoma: A Systematic Review Focused on Methodological Differences in the Use of the Convection-enhanced Delivery Method
Bo Halle, Kristian Mongelard, Frantz Rom Poulsen
Human tail: A benign condition hidden out of social stigma and shame in young adult – A case report and review
Pramod Janardan Giri, Vaibhav Sharadrao Chavan
The role of medical treatment in chronic subdural hematoma
Amit Kumar Thotakura, Nageswara Rao Marabathina
Role of hypertonic sodium lactate in traumatic brain injury management
Muhammad Reza Arifianto, Achmad Zuhro Ma'ruf, Arie Ibrahim, Abdul Hafid Bajamal
Current concepts in intradiscal percutaneous minimally invasive procedures for chronic low back pain
Ioannis Gelalis, Ioannis Gkiatas, Antonios Spiliotis, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Emilios Pakos, Marios Vekris, Anastasios Korompilias
A comprehensive review of skull base osteomyelitis: Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges among various presentations
Muhammad Adnan Khan, Syed Abdul Qader Quadri, Abdulmuqueeth Syed Kazmi, Vishal Kwatra, Anirudh Ramachandran, Aaron Gustin, Mudassir Farooqui, Sajid Sattar Suriya, Atif Zafar